rest easy

AIRCORE™ is a new brand with a credible legacy.

Established since 1999 at Aichi, Japan, C-ENG Co, Ltd has been pushing for innovation in human well-being products. Originally branded as C-CORE™ in Japan, AIRCORE™ was conceived to build towards a more holistic, wholesome and inspirational future vision of C-ENG ambition in their global quest.

Appointed to help build the brand from scratch, AUGHT was involved from the very beginning and took the initiative to analyse the brand to uncover the aptitude of the business with the client. The  proposition and direction is further strengthened by integrating our creative insights with C-ENG's equity.

Till date, we have since helped in transforming this local brand with technology superiority into something that is highly relevant, valued and of sustainable global outfit to be of the time, and for the time.


From brand analysis to brand definition, AUGHT helps AIRCORE™ to establish the groundwork that sets the direction for the global brand and product positioning, by relating back to the root foundation of C-Eng C-CORE.


‘Rest’ is an essential healing process for all of us. Whether it’s a quick doze or a long slumber, there’s no hard and fast rule of what a ‘Rest’ can be. It’s one of the most natural human behaviour when we disengage socially and begin to engage with our natural surroundings. It’s that moment when we slow down our pace, seek that comfortable spot and find that soothing peace. Yet, life never feel full and wholesome when we are resting. The moment when we wind down and feel at peace with our will, it is the time that we are ready to take on the world again.